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Live session taking place on 1 Feb @ 16 CET

Building Effective Teams Workshop

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Learn the basic concepts of building an effective team within any context. The skills you need to become a great leader. Thrive in your career.

Building Effective Teams:

At the end of this 1-hour session you shall be able to:

  • Practice the 9 team members roles. 
  • Explain the the stages of team development
  • Recognize the link between stages of the team and the startup 

Some benefits of this course

A complete negotiation education program starts with private lessons.

Live Micro Games

We feature a series of micro games to introduce the theory in a fun and easy to grasp way

Interactive Workshop

We follow the experiential learning approach to learn while doing

Extra resources and exercises 

Keep progressing even after you finalize the session through a variety of activities and resources.