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Advanced Message Handling

This course will explain in details how messages (commands, events, queries) are handled, transformed and stored. It will introduce you to powerful Axon concepts like Units of Work, Parameter Resolvers, Upcasters and demonstrate the options you have to implement generic ones like Serialization and Versioning.
Key takeaway

Take full control over what messages can contain and do

The goal of this course is empower you to intercept, update and filter messages as well as inject own code into the message handling process to ensure it behaves according to your own rules.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • What are Message Interceptors in Axon Framework, where they can be used and how to build your own
  • When and why messages are Serialized and what are your options to decide how
  • How to use Upcasters to dynamically update the messages and support multiple versions
  • What is Unit of Work, what role it plays in message processing and how it relates to transactional scopes and data correlation.
  • The purpose of  Parameter Resolvers and Handler Enhancers and how to provide your own