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Axon Server as a messaging platform

This course will elaborate on the claim that Location Transparency is the greatest thing since sliced bread (for microservices) and highlight the essential differences between distinct types of messages in any Message-Driven systems. It will then take you for a deep dive into the different message routing paths in Axon Server and endure you it can take care of fair distribution and deal with the uncertainty how/when/where an event is handled.
Key takeaway

Better understanding about messages routing and delivery

The goal of this course is to make sure you understand the subtile aspects and challenges in message routing and delivery so you can decide when Axon Server is the right messaging platform for your system.
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • What Location Transparency is conceptually and where it comes from
  • The detailed needs (description, routing needs, responses) of the distinct message types (command, query, event)
  • How Axon Server efficiently addresses generic message routing and delivery challenge on top of gRPC framework 
  • How Axon Server efficiently addresses message type specific challenges like discovery, consistencyload balancing, publish/subscribe paradigm,  ...