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Deploying and Running Axon Server 

This course is designed to guide you in establishing large-scale distributed systems using AxonIQ and the Axon Framework. It emphasizes the advantages of Location Transparency and the strategic implementation of Bounded Contexts.

The course offers a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge and practical application within Axon Framework and Axon Server, ensuring that you will be proficient in scaling up your applications upon completion.
Key takeaway

Empower Your Applications with Efficient Deployment and Management of Axon Server

The goal of this course is to gain the skills to effectively plan, deploy, and manage Axon Server, ensuring optimal performance, availability, and robust disaster recovery.
Throughout this course you will:

  • Identify the functional and non-functional aspects that influence Axon Server deployment choices.
  • Explain an overview of Axon Server functionalities and feature set differences (Standard - Enterprise).
  • Distinguish between the three layers of Axon Server clusters: Cluster, Replication Group, and Context.
  • Use Axon Server from Docker Hub and VM instances, considering common pitfalls and strategies.
  • Configure Axon Server Connector and implement LoadBalancers for Axon Server instances.
  • Develop strategies for messaging, Event Store availability, and geographical distribution.
  • Implement robust backup strategies, including file-based backups and Axon Server nodes as data backups.