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Securing Axon Server

This course will explain the Access Control features in Axon Server and how are they applied to grant or deny access to client applications and users on nodes, segments, configuration, etc. It will also walk you through the process of creating, keeping and storing Security Tokens, using TLS in to protect the data while transferred and Encryption while stored
Key takeaway

Peace of mind about data and information security

The goal of this course is to address the concerns, and answer the questions regarding data safety and security as well as to ensure you that Axon Server is capable of keeping and transferring your data in a way that is fully compliant with your own security policies
Throughout this course you will discover:

  • How to use roles to set configure access permissions for different parts of the server management tools to different users 
  • How to use security tokens to identify client applications and then grant and deny them access to given data
  • How to establish secure connections between nodes and client applications 
  • How to encrypt sensitive data that's stored as part of the message payloads